Step Back in Time: Embracing the Charm of 1950s Style Diner Dress

diner dress

Introduction Fashion has always been a reflection of culture and societal shifts, and the 1950s stands out as an era of iconic style and timeless elegance. One of the most captivating facets of this era’s fashion is the diner dress, which captures the essence of the era’s optimism, simplicity, and charm. In this article, we’ll […]

The Dolly & Dotty Scarlette Dress: Embrace Elegance and Comfort

In the realm of fashion, there are certain pieces that transcend trends and become iconic symbols of timeless elegance. The Dolly & Dotty Scarlette Green Dress is undeniably one such masterpiece. From its meticulous design tailored to enhance curves to its sumptuous fabric and captivating dark green hue, this dress encapsulates the essence of style, […]

Lana Del Rey loves Rude’s Berry Juicy Lip Gloss

Lana Del Rey's Rude Berry Juicy Lip Gloss

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion, trends come and go like the seasons. One trend that has recently made a stunning comeback is the wet, glossy lip look. Gone are the days of sticky and uncomfortable lip glosses – now, it’s all about achieving that perfect, soft, and moisturized pout that leaves a […]

6 Retro-Inspired Plus Size Dresses You Need Right Now

Retro-inspired fashion has made a delightful comeback in recent years, embracing the timeless charm of bygone eras. From elegant silhouettes to vibrant patterns, retro dresses offer a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary style. If you’re a plus size fashionista with a love for all things vintage, you’ll be delighted to explore our curated collection […]

Dressing for your body shape

Not understanding your shape is what prevents that amazing frock look less than amazing (though I think you always look great!). It’s why a dress that looks fantastic and stylish on one person might look like a potato sack on another. Understanding your body shape isn’t about understanding your weight- people will invariable fit into […]

Achieving the perfect fit.

Size charts. We all hate. Them. And who wants to be labelled anyways!!??? However we’re here. You have found your unicorn. You desperately want to know before you spend the moula “Will it fit me?????????“. Luckily for all of us, Kristin is here to tell us how and where to measure yourself to make sure […]

Merry Christmas & a very, very Happy New Year <3

It’s been a while since I updated – real life has managed to insert itself between me and my writing here. But here, as I sit at home with a glass of wine and catalogues of amazing pretty dresses to go through, I’m quietly reflecting on the year that was. I’m not going to lie, […]