Achieving the perfect fit.

Size charts. We all hate. Them. And who wants to be labelled anyways!!??? However we’re here. You have found your unicorn. You desperately want to know before you spend the moula “Will it fit me?????????“. Luckily for all of us, Kristin is here to tell us how and where to measure yourself to make sure that unicorn fits and looks just like it should. Sigh. Aw yeah.

First of all! Know that sizes change between countries!

Usually the common rule is UK size is one size UP from AU. So , for example, if your a UK14 your a AU12. Some of the awesome rockabilly labels at Cheribomb Retro are from the UK, so it’s worth being aware of this. This DOES NOT always apply so it’s best to measure!

Grab your measuring tape, a pen and paper. If you have multiple layers on, its best to remove them so you get a number close to what you are.

So where should you measure?

SHOULDERS: Quite literally from one side to the other. Write this number down in cm and inches.

BUST: This is the part around your back and over the top of your breasts. Not right in your armpits but below. Write this number down in both cm and inches. ( If you swap between padded bras and regular fabric ones, make sure you do this with both types as you will get a different number for each )

WAIST: Pretty much halfway between your bust and hips. Or the slimmest part of your torso. If your high waisted, like mwah, you may not always want your skirt or pants sitting high up and would like them lower. Simply measure where you want the waist to sit. Write this number down in cms and inches.

HIPS: The widest part of your bottom or over the groin. Write this number down in cms and inches.

Now, check your numbers against the size chart.You could be big, small, big or small, big, big or big big small, you get my drift, there’s many combinations.

And here’s the thing – there is no one universal rule for all women!

So if you’re smaller by quite a bit in the waist you need to fit your bust. A simple belt will bring in the waist on a dress. Sadly on a cardi, it may not always come in at the waist so you may end up with gaping buttons or you may have to go down a size and not button it up except on the waist.

If you’re smaller in the bust than the parts below, you need to fit the waist. With dresses, look for ones which have adjustable straps ( Hell Bunny and Banned often have this ) so you can do across over back under your cardi.

Not very often in a swing dress will you need to worry about your hips as most nip in at the waist. Only in a wiggle dress, wiggle skirt or pants will the hips be a problem.

SHOES: From the tip of your toe to the back of your heel OR sole of your foot in cm.

And if your still stuck, send us a message at in**@ch************.com or via Facebook and we will help fit you 🙂

Here are the size charts for all our awesome brands:




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